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Holiday Gift Basket

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Our Holiday Gift Basket has pursued down the best snacks ever and utilized them to make this gift basket brimming with enticing treats. Contained exclusively of the most lavish treats this totally overwhelming vision of a gift basket.

The Holiday Gift Basket contains fifteen (15) items.

3 x Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Rocher (Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts Chips)

3 x Marzipan and Pistachio Nest

2 x Layer Snack (Marzipan - Pistachio Nougat - Pistachio Paste)

2 x Apricot Paste Rolls

1 x Pistachio Bar

1 x Large Soft Nougat Bar

1 x Loacker Tortina Dark

1 x Loacker Dark Chocolate Hazelnut

1 x Mixed Fruits Jelly in Sugar

1 x We Roast Nuts Christmas Mix (Jumbo Salted Cashews-Milk Chocolate covered Almonds-Butter Roasted Almonds-Sugar coated Peanuts)

1 x Dry Roasted Deluxe Mix  (Jumbo Cashews - Salted Almonds - Salted Pistachios)

1 x Mixed Almonds (Smoked - Salted - Soya Tamari - Lemon)

1 x 70% Dark Chocolate covered Pretzels 

1 x Milk and White Chocolate Caffe Latte covered Almonds